The Long Run

Elizabeth Murray. Do The Dance. 2005

Elizabeth Murray (American, 1940–2007)._Do the Dance_2005. Oil on canvas on wood, 9' 5" x 11' 3" x 1 1/2" (287 x 342.9 x 3.8 cm). Gift of Jo Carole and Ronald S. Lauder, Agnes Gund, and Arne Glimcher

Joan Jonas: We're standing in front of a painting by Elizabeth Murray, who's a friend of mine. I'm Joan Jonas. I'm an artist.

Looking at this painting, I see how experimental she was with form and color and shape and the canvas itself, and it's very funny. This green wiggly thing that goes around and turns into a blue wiggly thing, and then a red chain of squares with orange borders that moves around the edge.

Elizabeth Murray:

Elizabeth Murray: When I really know certain things are working for me they make me laugh. And I think for myself it's part of what gets me through. I think it's really very similar to how a kid plays. You know it’s like you’re in your playroom and you're just picking up these different shapes and you're throwing them on the wall and then putting them together and seeing what kind of a game you can make out of them. I think that's very close to the kind of feeling of what I want to get out of them, and I think that I want you to get out of them too.

Joan Jonas: I think the forms are humorous the way they move around. The forms are dynamic. This is a very bold and confident work, but Elizabeth had a lot of confidence when I knew her, so it doesn't surprise me at all. I see her spirit. She had a great spirit.

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