The Long Run

Edward Ruscha. The End. 1991

Edward Ruscha (American, born 1937). The End. 1991. Synthetic polymer paint and graphite on canvas. 70" x 9' 4" (177.8 x 284.5 cm). Gift of UBS. © 2018 Edward Ruscha

Glenn Lowry: Artist Edward Ruscha, from his studio in Los Angeles:

Ed Ruscha: I think what motivated me was that feeling that I had memories of the cinema --watching movies and watching scratches on the film and those little pops that come here and there, and those little what they call hairs in the gate. Always seemed real curious to me. I've always loved the way that the little zips go across the screen and all that. But really it's like I'm pointing out the flaws of cinema. Movie producers make those movies and they want to keep those scratches out of there. But I like them for what they are.

That ending The End and all the implications that that brings along with it -- I do think of this concept of finality or the final curtain. But it doesn't convey doom to me or anything like that. It's more like "Hey, the movie is rolling to a stop."

I sort of have an imperfect knowledge of what I'm doing. I sort of act intuitively. When I start a painting, no matter what, it's usually through some kind of involuntary reflex.

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