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Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg. Kinematics Dress. 2013 6230

Nervous System (est. 2007), Jessica Rosenkrantz (American, b. 1983), Jesse Louis-Rosenberg (American, b. 1986). Kinematics Dress. 2013. Laser-sintered nylon. Image courtesy of Steve Marsel. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Committee on Architecture and Design Funds

Jessica Rosencrantz: I'm Jessica Rosencrantz.

Jesse Louis-Rosenberg: And I'm Jesse Louis- Rosenberg.
Rosencrantz: We created the kinematics dress, which is a custom fit, flexible, fluid 3D printed garment that was made of more than 3,000 interconnected parts that were printed all in one piece, with no assembly.

Rosenberg: We're really focused on designing systems that can produce an infinite variety of products. In nature, there are dynamic processes that respond to their environment and they're different every single time, no two leaves are exactly the same. And, in the same sense, we're interested rather than designing something that's fixed and will always be the same, designing a logic that can adapt to different situations. Or that somebody can interact with and change and have a hand in.

Rosencrantz: So you can design your own 3D dress in the browser. People use our apps on our website and experiment with our tools and create all sorts of things that we never would've considered or conceived of.

Rosenberg: We're also really interested in customization as a way of replacing mass manufacturing. Instead of creating hundreds, thousands, millions of items that are all the same, we're creating something that maybe only just appeals to one person, but they can get that exact one thing that they want.

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