Francis Picabia (Kids)

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*Edtaonisl (ecclésiastique) (Edtaonisl [Ecclesiastic])*

Francis Picabia. Edtaonisl (ecclésiastique) (Edtaonisl [Ecclesiastic]). 1913 6520

Francis Picabia. Edtaonisl (ecclésiastique) (Edtaonisl [Ecclesiastic]). 1913. Oil and metallic paint on canvas, 9′ 10 1/4″ × 9′ 10 3/4″ (300.4 × 300.7 cm). The Art Institute of Chicago. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Armand Bartos, 1953. © 2016 Artist Rights Society (ARS), New York/ADAGP, Paris. Photo courtesy The Art Institute of Chicago

Narrator: Picabia gave these two paintings made up names. One is called Edtaonisl, and the other one is Udnie.

These two paintings are so big, you can’t really see everything in them without moving around.

Picabia said he was very inspired when he was making these works by having watched a dancer onboard a ship. And, I think he would have enjoyed watching you move around in front of them.

Anne Umland: Do they make you feel like dancing?

I don't know how many of you have been on a boat, but when you're on the water, that rocks a bit, and then you have a dancer who's moving on top of that, so more rocking. So, look at these pictures and think, are there ways they make you want to move your body?

Does the one on the left make you want to move differently from the one on the right? Would you rather stop and be still? Maybe try them out and see.