Francis Picabia (Kids)


Francis Picabia. Aello. 1930 6500

Francis Picabia, Aello. 1930. Oil on canvas, 66 9/16 × 66 9/16″ (169 × 169 cm). Private collection

Narrator: Welcome to the Museum of Modern Art and Francis Picabia! We invited some MoMA friends to tag along on your tour. They helped put the exhibition together. Meet Anne:

Anne Umland: Francis Picabia was an artist who was born in Paris over 100 years ago. That means if he were still alive today, he would be almost 137 years old, but I think you'd never, ever know that by looking at his art, which is still very much alive and present.

Picabia didn't want people to take art too seriously, but he did want you to think hard about what it was, what its subjects could be, what it could be made of.

Talia Kwartler: Francis Picabia is a funny guy, and "Funny Guy" was actually one of the many names that Picabia gave to himself.

Narrator: And that’s Talia!

Talia Kwartler: What you're about to see is perhaps going to seem like it was made by 15 different artists; but in fact, it was all made by Francis Picabia.

Anne Umland: He once said that if you wanted to have clean ideas, you needed to change them as often as you changed your shirt.

Talia Kwartler: He's always changing, but he's always being Francis Picabia.

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