Creativity Lab: Dreaming a World for Change

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More&More Unlimited (Sarah Rothberg &. Marina Zurkow). What If? Investing in Futures. 2023. Courtesy the artist, music by Nailah Hunter

Artist, Marina Zurkow:  What if...

Choose one “What If” card. One that speaks to you. One that might describe something about a world you want to live in. To awaken your imagination, let's start with a visualization.

Read your card over. Ask yourself, if this card is true, what else might be true?

If you're comfortable, close your eyes. Take a deep breath in, and a relaxing breath out.

Allowing your imagination to flow from the words on the card. Begin to picture a place. Let go of the present conditions, allow wild imaginings, let details come into view.

You are happy here. How does that feel in your body?

How does the air in this imagined place feel on your skin? Where are you? What time of day is it? Is it bright? Or is it dark? Are you inside? Or outside? If you can, wiggle your toes. What's beneath your feet?

Are you somewhere you have never been before? Are you in a field? A forest? Or are you in a building? Is there anyone there with you? Who? Or what are they?

Is there something nearby you can touch? What is it? What does it feel like? Focus your attention on it for a moment. And if you can, pick it up.

Remember, if the statement on your card is true, What else might be true? Can you hear sounds close by? Far away? Can you smell anything?

Imagine moving around. What else do you encounter?

Now breathe in, and breathe out.

Hold on to the sensations, sights, and sounds that you're feeling. Can these feelings guide you to imagine a world that is different from our own?

When you're ready, open your eyes.

Try drawing or writing something you imagined.

To participate in this activity virtually, select a card with the online card picker