Guadalupe Maravilla's Healing Sound Baths

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Guadalupe Maravilla: Luz y fuerza Healing Sound Baths, performed on November 3, 2021, as part of the gallery *Guadalupe Maravilla: Luz y Fuerza* in the exhibition *Collection 1970s–present*, October 30, 2021 - October 30, 2022. Performers: Guadalupe Maravilla, Hilary Ramos, and Sam Xu. Digital image © 2022 The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Photo: Julieta Cervantes

Guadalupe Maravilla. Introduction to Healing Sound Baths

Guadalupe Maravilla: Hello, my name is Guadalupe Maravilla, and I'm inviting you to a sound bath.

Sound, to me, is medicine. And sound as a medicine has been happening for a long time, and it can work in so many different ways. It can be found in every continent all over the world. For example, there's the Tibetan throat singing, and strumming in Africa andBrazil, to the Americas where flutes have been used by indigenous cultures to produce healing. Sometimes your favorite song can be very soothing, right? Sometimes the vibration of your cat at home can create a very relaxing kind of experience.

Today we are working with gongs and some handheld instruments, and the gongs are calibrated to have the same frequencies as different elements. And we use that as a healing tool.

Today's sound bath, it's going to be really important for you to be in a very comfortable place. You can sit up. You can be on your couch. You can be on the floor. You can be in a meditative pose. I recommend maybe having a yoga mat on the floor and you can lay down and have a very comfortable experience. Really important for you to be a hundred percent comfortable before we start, so you’re not focusing on the discomfort of your pose.

I recommend maybe lighting some incense or maybe having something really personal that really has the right energy that you need. Something that you've collected over time, or has been given to you. Having these powerful objects around you will enhance the energy that you have in your room.

It's also very important to consider where you are. Hopefully you're in a private space with not a lot of distractions. It's really important to think about how you're listening to the sound bath. Some of you may have a surround system with speakers that's really powerful, and that's fantastic. Some of you guys may just have headphones and that works as well. I don't recommend the speaker from the phone or the laptop for this. Try to at least plug a headphone to it so you can have the full experience.

And it's really important to drink a lot of water after the sound bath because you will feel dehydrated and thirsty. Because, the way this works is that our bodies are around 60 to 70% water. In this water, we carry stress, carry anxiety, and sometimes even trauma. And the vibration and the sound of the gongs will release some of these toxins, and this will leave you somewhat thirsty, a little dehydrated.

This will feel very much like a very deep meditation after you're done. You're very likely to feel very relaxed. And some of you may even fall asleep, and it's okay if you fall asleep. As long as you keep listening, the healing continues even if you are in deep sleep.

So I look forward to sharing this experience with you and I'll see you on the other side of the sound bath.