Shifting Perspectives

Introduction to Shifting Perspectives

Introduction to Shifting Perspectives

Mia Rubin: Hi, my name is Mia Rubin and I help organize public programs here at MoMA, including a series that helped inspire the Shifting Perspectives audio playlist.

"Shifting Perspectives" first began as a public program series to share the experiences and personal connections of educators, students, activists, emerging artists, writers, and other people whose voices aren't often highlighted. Anyone can make meaningful connections to works of art. What unites the speakers on this playlist is the ways art has helped them build communities and understand the world around them.

Our experiences, feelings, and passions shape us. And we should embrace these parts of ourselves when we look at art. Whether in MoMA’s galleries, or wherever you are, we encourage you to explore and honor your reactions as you look and listen. I hope that some of these stories will resonate with you and that they'll inspire you to make your own connections.

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