Shifting Perspectives

Lea Lublin. _Interrogations sur la Femme _ (Interrogations about Woman). 1978 488

Synthetic polymer paint on fabric, wood, and string, 109 1/16 x 69 11/16" (277 x 177 cm). Acquired through the generosity of The Modern Women's Fund, the Latin American and Caribbean Fund, Estrellita Brodsky, and Mauro Herliltzka. © 2022 Lea Lublin

Joselia Hughes: Hi, I'm Joselia Rebekah Hughes. I'm an Afro Caribbean writer and artist. You are looking at an artwork by the artist Lea Lublin, which is titled Interrogations sur la femme, in French, or Questions about the woman, in English.

I primarily work as a writer and so much of my work has to do with insistent, invasive questioning that I have. So, I'm drawn to the repetition, but also the expansiveness of each question. Each question could produce a story of its own.
“Is woman a social victim? Is woman an inferior being? Is woman a stranger? Is woman a subject like any other?” And a question I ask myself sometimes: “is woman a divine being?”

I think these are questions that you're supposed to carry. I don't think that this is like a work that you look at. This is a work that you ingest. This work is questioning the entire room. It's questioning the person looking at it. It's questioning all of the objects in relation to it. It's questioning the institution that holds it.

Lang uage and writing is one of the most freeing things that we have. Questions are a navigational tool. Questions can disrupt the status quo. Questions are what we need. I think that when we ask questions, we're learning how to love each other. We're learning how other people feel the wind and how they taste the food and how they sleep.

I really do hope that questions are not a source of overwhelm, but a source of opportunity.

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