Introduction to Automania

Introduction to Automania 108

Curator, Juliet Kinchin: Hello, my name's Juliet Kinchin, I'm one of the curators of the exhibition Automania.

Curator, Andrew Gardner: I’m Andrew Gardner.

Curator, Paul Galloway: And my name is Paul Galloway.

Juliet Kinchin: Automania is taking an in-depth look at cars, an object that has mesmerized generations of designers, architects, and artists.

*Paul Galloway: It takes its name from the animated film Automania 2000. It looks at cars as objects of desire, and how we relate to technology and also how technology can run amok.

Andrew Gardner: We have these stunning specimens of both rare and mass market vehicles alongside artworks and design objects that amplify a richer and thornier story about the way car culture has reshaped our lives for better and for worse.

Juliet Kinchin: So looking at how cars have left a lasting imprint on the design of our built environment, shaped ideas about mobility, about popular culture, about what it is to be modern. We really wanted to address the conflicted feelings of compulsion, desire, and rage that have developed in response to cars and car culture throughout the 20th century.

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