Artful Practices for Well-Being

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Installation view of the gallery *Constantin Brancusi* in the exhibition *Collection 1880s-1940s*. October 21, 2019–ongoing. Photographed in October 2019. Photograph by Martin Seck

Introduction: Artful Practices for Well-Being 320

Chet Gold: Welcome to The Museum of Modern Art. My name is Chet Gold. I'm a Security Supervisor here. And I meditate, to give myself peace. One of my mantras is “protect your peace of mind” which comes from meditating and understanding the value of clarity.

I'd like to invite you to connect with the Artful Practices for Well-Being playlist, something you can experience whether you're at MoMA, listening from home, or anywhere else you might be.

On this playlist you're going to hear a unique group of people share insights and skills geared towards helping you feel more present, self aware, connected and at peace, while experiencing different works of art.

We are living in uncertain and overwhelming times and many of us are experiencing isolation, economic insecurity, fear trauma, or grief. Although these are not new experiences, there is an intensity to this moment. It can be difficult to feel grounded and emotionally regulated during these times, and yet being able to do so, will not only positively influence our own sense of well being, but also collective well being.

Being aware of how we show up in the world and how we manage stress heal and increase our resilience helps us not only develop more self compassion, but also extend that compassion outwardly to others.

As you listen, take time to check in with yourself and go at your own pace. I hope that your experience listening will leave you feeling recharged, soothed, and empowered. Namaste.