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Donald Judd. Untitled. 1967 631

Lacquer on galvanized iron, Twelve units, each 9 x 40 x 31" (22.8 x 101.6 x 78.7 cm), installed vertically with 9" (22.8 cm) intervals. Helen Acheson Bequest (by exchange) and gift of Joseph Helman. © 2024 Judd Foundation / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Curator, Ann Temkin: This vertical column of shelf like units, painted green is a signature form that have come to be called “stacks.”

Artist, Charles Ray: My name is Charles Ray. The presence of the column of air that that went through the stack is as strong as the fabricated boxes. You can't move the column off the wall. Not because of the screws that, obviously, hold it onto the wall, but because of that column of air, in that specific place, is locking the sculpture.

Artist, Mary Heilmann: I'm Mary Heilmann. And my favorite one is the green one. Beautiful green. You can't not think of a tree or a vine or some kind of nature, geometric nature. He really was good at that.

The fact that they're ascending rectangular-shaped shelves means that as you look at it you see movement. You travel with your eyes up and down into the wall and out. I imagine how big they are, how many inches. I measure them in my mind. I'm always thinking about architecture when I look at Judd.