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Donald Judd_Untitled_. 1992. Cor-Ten steel and green, yellow, purple, ivory, orange, and black acrylic sheets. Six units, each 19 11⁄16 × 39 3 × 19 11⁄16" (50 × 100 × 50 cm). Artworkers Retirement Society. © 2020 Judd Foundation / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Judd: Introduction 620

Curator, Ann Temkin: Hi, I'm Ann Temkin, the Marie-Josée and Henry Kravis, Chief Curator of Painting and Sculpture. We're delighted to welcome you to this exhibition of work by Donald Judd, the first retrospective of his work to take place in the US in more than 30 years.

Artist, Jamie Dearing: Don had three main elements that he dealt with as the major themes in his work: color, materials, and space.

Artist, Mary Heilmann: I'm always thinking about architecture when I look at Judd.

Artist, Park McArthur: It does feel, in some ways, like a space to inhabit or play.

Artist, Charles Ray: You don't have, like, a hidden meaning. It's a live action verb, in a way.

Ann Temkin: You'll notice when you walk through into the first gallery that there are no barriers between you and the works on view. One of Judd's chief principles was that the work he created was there to be experienced directly by the viewer without any separation. So in accordance with his guidelines, our galleries are free of the normal barriers or pedestals that often accompany sculpture.

If they are scratched or nicked, it's almost impossible to repair that surface. And for that reason, we especially ask for your consideration and your care in making sure that you don't either accidentally or intentionally touch a surface of a sculpture.