Neri Oxman: Material Ecology

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Neri Oxman. Cartesian Wax. 2007. The Museum of Modern Art, Gift of The Contemporary Arts Council

Neri Oxman. Introduction

Neri Oxman: I believe it was in 2006 when Paola called me to her office to look at some of my work. I was still a student and I brought some of my models. And I remember I got two tickets in the train, one for me and one for the models. And walking in, it was almost as if I did not need to speak. She saw everything through the project. I did not need to say this is about process. It is not about product. This work embodies the algorithm that informed the work. It's not about the form. I didn't need to say those things. She immediately saw through the models.

Paola Antonelli: I mean, it was amazing to meet Neri because I was very interested in the intersection between science and design, but I was looking also for great form, and I'm not talking about prettiness or beauty, but formal intention, just putting effort into form is a way to communicate. And so I was looking for people doing gorgeous work, not only intelligent and groundbreaking but also gorgeous and that's what I found.