Poetry Project

Ross Gay. On the Occasion Of. 2019 803

On the Occasion Of. Written by Ross Gay

Ross Gay: Hi. My name is Ross Gay. On The Occasion Of--After Cy Twombly’s Untitled.

The raucous cacaphone
the featherfrocked clattertraps
hollering Wake up
flowerface! Flowerface,
wake up!
the cat made hungry
by the symphonic
hullabaloo from the amphitheater
of black walnut and redbud
and flimsy maple just
outside our bedroom window
follows me to the toilet
puts her paw
claws withdrawn
on my shin while I’m shitting
as if to say are you ok
as if to say are you
hearing this the honey
locust next door meanwhile
hocking her wares
you can batterfry the flowers
for uncommon happiness
and cholesterol remediation
and the peonies in the graveyard
perfuming the dead
the great collective crank
tussling the sun up
tussling too the dromedaries
in my ear the left one
from slumber
the mule and mastodon too
crusty-eyed and mossy
stumbling into the
dinghy drove
by the two doves
lets call them pigeons
cooing in the eaves
the sound of air
from the lungs
from the leaving.