Betye Saar: The Legends of Black Girl's Window

Betye Saar. Palm of Love. 1966

Etching with relief printing, plate: 17 15/16 × 23 3/4" (45.6 × 60.3 cm); sheet: 19 1/16 × 26 1/16" (48.4 × 66.2 cm). Committee on Drawings and Prints Fund

Artist, Betye Saar: Hello, my name is Betye Saar. Welcome to my exhibit, The Legends of Black Girl’s Window. Walk with me through this exhibition and I will tell you a little bit about quite a few of the pieces. The first piece is the Palm of Love. This is one of my early etchings. I have always been interested in mysticism and In palmistry and phrenology So this is an early etching, in the 1960s, of my palm, and then a diagram of a palmistry chart.

I've always been curious about things that I don't really understand, and in Los Angeles we had sometimes gypsies that lived in the area I lived. And they would have their handprints on their building where fortunes were read. I was always interested in that handprint and the palmistry chart, and as I got older, I used it as part of my visual language.

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