Collection 1940s–1970s

Dieter Roth. Literature Sausage (Literaturwurst). 1969, published 1961–70 706

Artist’s book of ground copy of Suche nach einer Neuen Welt by Robert F. Kennedy, gelatin, lard, and spices in natural casing, overall (approx.): 12 x 6 11/16 x 3 9/16" (30.5 x 17 x 9 cm). The Print Associates Fund in honor of Deborah Wye. © 2021 Estate of Dieter Roth

Artist, Richard Hamilton: We were out one day and stopped off at an island where some people I knew lived. They had just finished eating, and Dieter took one of the children's sheets of pages, yellow pages with rules on it, and then he began picking up bits of food and sticking them on. And, after he'd been doing this for ten minutes or so, he passed it to me, and said 'Get in the act. What are you waiting for?'

I think the people's whose house we were using were not so happy with us, because when they saw Dieter start making things, they thought, oh, they'll leave all these bits of paper here, but not Dieter. He carefully preserved them all, and back we went. And, the next thing he said was, well, let's go on with this. Now we've started something, let's go on.

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