Sculpture Garden

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Photo: Natasha Giliberti

Meditation Sequence 118

Security Officer, Chet Gold: I’m Chet Gold I work here at The Museum of Modern Art in the Security Department.

Welcome to the Garden. We’re going to take you on a guided meditation using my voice and your mind to let go.

Meditating is really helpful for me to be very clear on why I’m here. Because for me it’s bigger than saying “no flash” and “not so close” but I think it can seem like that is all we do (laughs)

I invite you to find a seat somewhere that you will be comfortable. So you don’t want to sit in any walkway. That’s the security side coming out. I don’t want your meditation to be interrupted.

You want to think of your thoughts as clouds in the sky you don’t want to follow the clouds you just want to let the clouds go by. And really embrace the sounds that you hear.

What you will be doing is breathing to the counts. I’m gonna go “in two three” “out two three”

The in will equal inhale, the out is exhale. If you go off count or you start drifting you just say “hey come back to the count”.

If you don’t mind, I’m going to start right now, so breathe with me and focus on the counts.

In & out for 2 minutes 23 seconds

Feel free to play this over and start all over. I’m so happy and fulfilled that you chose to join me in this guided meditation through the garden. I wish you a great visit at the museum and always know that you can go back to your breath.