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Agosto Machado. Shrine (White). 2022 119

Mixed-media installation, with jewelry, pins, and textiles; plastic, metal, glass, and papier-mâché objects; photographs, postcards, paper mask, protest sign, memorial-service cards and programs, and newspaper and magazine clippings; and original artworks by Scott Covert, Ken Angel Davis with CAConrad, and Gene Fedorko with Stephen Tashjian (Tabboo!), 91 1/2 × 36 × 10" (232.4 × 91.4 × 25.4 cm). Acquired through the generosity of Scott Lorinsky. © 2024 Agosto Machado. Courtesy of the artist

Artist, Agosto Machado: We are all artists and we all have self-expression and feelings. All those posters and other things that are on display—you've been doing art in your bedroom. This installation art piece actually came pretty quickly, because I had so much material and I thought that I could, on just these few shelves, put this together.

The shrine is various images of people who you don't know who came before you, but who made a difference in my life and affected others with the positivity of what their hopes and dreams were. That’s why I have made the shrines—because they were my friends, my colleagues, they were part of the movement who helped make New York the center of art. And it doesn't matter how they died or why. By seeing their images, they're alive.

Friendships at your age is important and very valid because you yourself, will find people who have affected your life and that somehow changed you.