Diamond Stingily. Entryways. 2021 2

Door with bat, hardware, 6' 6 1/2 × 32 × 26" (201.9 × 81.3 × 66 cm). Fund for the Twenty-First Century. © Diamond Stingily

Artist, Diamond Stingily: My name is Diamond Stingily. This is Entryways from 2021.

I remember, one day in my early twenties, I was living with my Grandma Estelle. And one day, someone knocked at the door, and while she was asking "who is it," she picked up the bat that is always next to her door. She wanted to protect me.

My grandma keeps candy in her house by the door. It's this old school candy. It just looked like a strawberry, the paper wraps, and Jolly Ranchers, and then butterscotch candy. Those type of candies, they starting to disappear. I also think like those type of grandmas are kind of disappearing.

I made these doors to feel a closeness to my family. I can look at it and I see my brothers and I see my cousins cause I'm not the only grandchild. I hope when you look at this, you can see someone that you love in it.