35mm film transferred to video (black and white, silent), 4 min. The Museum of Modern Art, New York

G.W. Bitzer. Interior N.Y. Subway, 14th street to 42nd Street. 1905 9

Narrator: Do you recognize the subject of this movie? Maybe you rode on one of these to get to the Museum today.

This is the very first film ever made about the New York City subway. The subway was brand new then, more than a hundred years ago. Movies were brand new too. They only had black and white film, and no sound. The filmmaker rode at the very front of a subway train and filmed the train in front of him. Can you see the curvy tunnel walls? * How about the tracks on the ground? The flashing lights are coming from another train on a different track.

Keep an eye out for the passengers getting on and off the subway. The men are wearing suits and hats, and the women are wearing long dresses. There’s even a little boy carrying a paper bag, do you see him? You can tell from the way the people are dressed that this was a long time ago. How do you think all those people got around New York City before there was a subway?

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