Permanent Food #1. August 1996. Artist magazine. The Museum of Modern Art.

Permanent Food. 1996-2007.

Artist magazine.
The Museum of Modern Art. Audio courtesy of Acoustiguide.

GLENN LOWRY: Curator, Christophe Cherix.

CHRISTOPHE CHERIX: Permanent Food is an artist magazine which was created in 1996 and ran until 2007. It was created by two artists, Maurizio Cattelan and Dominique Gonzalez-Foster for the first issues. They were later joined by Paola Manfrin.

What makes Permanent Food an incredibly stimulating project of the 90s is the fact that Permanent Food is a second-generation magazine. There is almost no original content in the magazine. What they did was to ask friends, artists, dealers to send them spreads of magazines that they have been looking at in the past weeks images they found compelling. So what you see is in some way a best of all the magazines published at the time.

GLENN LOWRY: The aggregated nature of the content reflects a cultural shift in how we now share images and ideas through the Internet, for example.

CHRISTOPHE CHERIX: Suddenly for a generation of artists, their main influence is maybe not art history anymore but it could be sport, it can be entertainment. It can be a number of fields which are not usually closely associated to art.

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