Bob Kaufman, "Oregon," read by poet Terrance Hayes

Audio courtesy of Acoustiguide.

SARAH SUZUKI: Terrance Hayes.


You are with me Oregon,
Day and night, I feel you, Oregon
I am Negro. I am Oregon
Oregon is me, the planet
Oregon, the State Oregon, Oregon.
In the night, you come with bicycle wheels,
Oregon you come
With stars of fire. You come green.
Green eyes, hair, arms
Head, face, legs, feet, toes
Green, nose green, your
Breast green, your cross

Green, your blood green.
Oregon winds blow around
Oregon. I am green, Oregon.
You are mine, Oregon. I am yours,
Oregon. I live in Oregon.
Oregon lives in me,
Oregon, you come and make
Me into a bird and fly me
To secret places day and night.
To secret places in Oregon,
I am standing on the steps
Of the holy church of Crispus
Attucks St. John the Baptist,
The holy brother of Christ

I am talking to Lorca. We
Decide the Hart Crane trip, home to Oregon
Heaven flight from Gulf of
Mexico, the bridge is
Crossed, and the florid black found.

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