From the Collection: 1960–1969

1960s. Special Exhibits Audio 4000

Ann Temkin: Hello. I'm Ann Temkin, chief curator of Painting and Sculpture here at the Museum of Modern Art.

Martino Stierli: And I'm Martino Stierli, the chief curator of Architecture and Design.

Ann Temkin: On this floor, every gallery is dedicated to one year of the decade of the 1960s. And within each gallery, what you'll see is a big mix of works from all of the departments of the museum's collection, even works from our library archives.
Martino Stierli: We took the lens of the 1960s because it's a decade of great artistic turmoil and experimentation. We've been a little bit irreverent towards canonical art history. And we discovered that in this irreverence is actually a lot to be learned from using our eyes and learning to see again.

Ann Temkin: And so I think the fun of it for the curators on the project was looking at these different things and saying: "Is there some kind of connection we can draw? Is there some kind of thread we can find?” In our warehouse we have hundreds of thousands of objects, and a tiny percentage of these are ever on view in the building. And I think everybody here is curious to look at and share with the public scores of things that have rarely been out, let alone ever been out.

Martino Stierli: So on this audio guide, you will hear the voices of many curators who have worked in this exhibition. This conversation mirrors very much the way we have conceived of this exhibition: as a collaborative exercise to explore the vast holdings of our collections.

Ann Temkin: When you get into a certain gallery, to hear the curators who installed that gallery talk about it, just press on your device the numbers for that year -- for example, 1-9-6-3 or 1-9-6-6.

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