New Photography 2011

Moyra Davey. _The Coffee Shop, The Library_. 2011. Chromogenic color prints, Dimensions variable. Courtesy the artist and Murray Guy, New York. © 2011 Moyra Davey

Moyra Davey. The Coffee Shop, The Library. 2011

Chromogenic color prints
Dimensions variable
Courtesy the artist and Murray Guy, New York. © 2011 Moyra Davey

MOYRA DAVEY: My name is Moyra Davey. Those folded photographs, they originate as negatives but then this great lab that I found in Paris, they scan them and then they make digital C prints. Everything that I do to them afterwards, the folding, the taping it's so far from a digital aesthetic. I end up creating these seams and leaving these traces on the images.

The piece that I made for MoMA is called The Coffee Shop, The Library. It has images of MoMA's archives and the library and book storage, pictures of my own dusty bookshelves and photos in the public libraries in New York and some photos from cafes in Paris. I love the idea of the coffee shop and the library as public spaces where one can have a private experience. You can be with people and alone at the same time.

Rester Calme is a piece that I made in 2010. For years I've had in my mind this artwork that I saw in Montreal in 1985. This young artist, when she was asked by the curators to give them an installation plan, she just drew a little picture of herself and about and wrote in French my plan is to stay calm, rester calme. I just photographed the light bulbs in my apartment. There's also a photograph of the little drawing and light bulbs from Grand Central Station. I like the grid even though I know there's something conservative about it. I think it satisfies my need for order. It balances the kind of chaos that's going on in some of the images.

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