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Etching on ten attached sheets of handmade Nepalese paper  
 Composition and sheer(overall): 71 1/2" x 6' 4 3/8" (181.6 x 194 cm)  
 Publisher: unpublished  
 Printer: Columbia University, New York  
 Edition: several known variants (including red and black relief-printed examples)  
 The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Lily Auchincloss Fund, 2003  
 ©Kiki Smith

Kiki Smith. Peacock. 1997

Etching, composition and sheet (irreg.): 71 1/2" x 6' 4 3/8" (181.6 x 194 cm). Lily Auchincloss Fund. © 2018 Kiki Smith

NARRATOR: The enormous etching, Peacock, was printed on 10 attached sheets of Nepalese paper. There are other versions, in different colored inks and backgrounds. While this bird is centered on the blank page, or pages, it feels rooted on that bottom flap, as if it’s standing firmly on the ground, rather than suspended in the air. This peacock seems full of life, and full of attitude, while retaining its dignity and beauty.

WENDY WEITMAN: I think when you look closely at the feathers of this bird you get completely lost in the abstraction of it.

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