Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present

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Marina Abramović and ULAY. Relation in Space. 1977

(Yugoslav, born 1946) and ULAY (German, born 1943) Video (black and white, sound)
59:18 min.
Courtesy Marina Abramović and Sean Kelly Gallery

MARINA ABRAMOVIĆ: Ulay and me, after meeting and start working together, our first performance was, Relation In Space in 1976 and was performed for the Venice Biennale. This idea of this piece was two naked bodies running and hitting each other frontally and increasing the speed for one hour. We really wanted to have this male and female energy put together and create something we called That Self. It was very important to collaborate and to mix our ideas together and not ever say to anybody from who idea comes from. It was the mixture that really make sense to us, and create that kind of third energy field.