Gabriel Orozco

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Gabriel Orozco.  Horses Running Endlessly.  GO95-45ps2

Gabriel Orozco. Gabriel Orozco. Horses Running Endlessly. 1995. 1995

Wood; 3 3/8 x 34 3/8 x 34 3/8" (8.7 x 87.5 x 87.5 cm). Gift of Agnes Gund and Lewis B. Cullman in honor of Chess in the Schools

GABRIEL OROZCO: In Horses Running Endlessly, you have a chess board multiplied by four. Instead of two colors, you have four colors. And then, I take out all the pieces and the only thing I did was to multiply it and make just horses, knights. So then, the chess field became a landscape and horses are running freely there. So it’s not a battlefield any more. It’s more just like a topographical landscape, geometrical landscape.