Compass in Hand: Selections from The Judith Rothschild Foundation Contemporary Drawings Collection

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Thomas Hirschhorn. Provide Ruins II. 2003

Cut-and-pasted printed paper with felt-tip pen, ballpoint pen, and pressure-sensitive tape on paper wrapped in synthetic polymer sheet, 20 x 23 1/2" (50.8 x 59.7 cm). The Judith Rothschild Foundation Contemporary Drawings Collection Gift. © 2024 Thomas Hirschhorn

Artist, Thomas Hirschhorn: I am Thomas Hirschhorn.

What I love to do in doing a collage is to creating a new work in using elements of the existing work. All pictures are existing pictures [of] the world I am living in. I am surrounded, for example, by destroyed houses, naked women. Dead bodies. So I am surrounded by this, and I try to put them together.

I didn't make the photos. They're even printed out with the computer. It's not an ideological link and it's not a journalistical link, but it's the link that they are printed out. I don't blow up the pictures or reduce them. I use them as I found them, and then I try with these different sizes of the elements ... I try to interpret the world again. So there are technical elements that are important to me as somebody who thinks about making collages.

Narrator: Hirschhorn used a blue felt pen to draw on the collages.

Thomas Hirschhorn: I do this because I want once more a link with the pictures together. That's also why I repeat the title in the collages once more. Provide Ruins is an invention of mine. But it's a link to this obsession to give title to wars in the recent time.

I found they are beautiful. Beauty is not about the aesthetic of it. It should come from the energy who is inside. From the necessity to link them together. And also from the absolute decision to put them together.