Without Boundary: Seventeen Ways of Looking

Without Boundary: Seventeen Ways of Looking
February 26–May 22, 2006

Shirin Neshat. Eroticism in Women of Allah

Audio courtesy of Acoustiguide

SHIRIN NESHAT: The more you're confined and you're oppressed, and the more you cover your body, the few parts that are exposed have actually become very powerful in seducing the men.

At the beginning after the Revolution where men were not even able to make eye contact with woman, and occasionally when the eye contacts were made by accident, even if you were not really drawn to the man, it created an instant sexual tension. And I believe the same here, this whole idea of the veil and the situation that she lives in creates so much mystery about her body, that her body automatically becomes an object of desire.

And this is exact contradiction to what the government, the religion, would like to see, but this is absolutely true about all Muslim woman. They're the sexiest woman, I believe, (Laughs), on the planet. (Laughs)

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