Ron Arad: No Discipline

Ron Arad. Panoramic Restaurant at Les Diablerets, Gstaad. 2007

Painted fiberglass, painted and laser-cut Perspex, and rotational motor
Private collection, London Audio courtesy of Acoustiguide

PAOLA ANTONELLI: Ron moved to London in 1973 and began studying at the groundbreaking Architectural Association, an architectural school that at the time was a cauldron of innovative ideas about architecture and design and the world in general. There are several examples of Ron’s personal and unique approach to architecture in the exhibition but one of my favorites is a project for a restaurant at the top of the Alps.

RON ARAD: There's a ski resort and a restaurant at the top of the mountain, which is 3,000 meters above sea level in Gstaad in Switzerland. And we built this rotating bar/restaurant, and the long escalator is the counterbalance to counterbalance the mass of the space.

When you go to a place where there's 360-degree view, the tendency is to provide a building that allows you that. And I did just the opposite. I did a view that can pan 360 degrees. But the building is more like a camera that pans around the space. And, indeed, there's another element in the building, which is the camera obscura, where as the building rotates, you see the Alps upside down.

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