Ron Arad: No Discipline

ron arad pic chair

Ron Arad. Tom Vac and Pic Chairs

Pic Chair. 1997
Fiberglass, polyester, and pigment
32 1/4 x 28 x 23 1/4" (82 x 71 x 59 cm)
Edition by Ron Arad for The Gallery Mourmans, The Netherlands
Photo by Eric and Petra Hesmerg. Courtesy of Private Collection, Maastricht Audio courtesy of Acoustiguide

RON ARAD: Tom Vac is an example of a piece that was born out of learning about a process that I hadn't seen before vacuum forming aluminum which is, you know, heating the sheet and then sucking it into a mold and it gets the shape. I went to see the factory, but I couldn't justify doing anything with this process because it is semi-industrial. Very near the time, I was commissioned by Domus Magazine in Italy to do a totem for the center of Milan during the furniture fair. So I thought, "Oh, that, there is my opportunity." The totem was an excuse to come up with a new chair in this technology.

PAOLA ANTONELLI: What Ron did is he used a particular way to mold aluminum, to make a chair that could really be stamped out in like five days and make a big tower of these chairs that was about three stories high. But the chair was so good and actually so comfortable that it was kind of a pity to let it be just a sculpture, so it became an industrial piece. And this is really an example of what we mean when we call this exhibition No Discipline. It's the idea that you don't have to think of whether it's art or design when you conceive an object; it's the application that makes it different, and it's the market that makes it different. But the concept is pure and kind of detached from these differentiations.

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