Ron Arad: No Discipline

ron arad bookworm

Ron Arad. This Mortal Coil and Bookworms

Large Bookworm. 1993
Tempered sprung steel and patinated steel
Edition by One Off/Ron Arad Associates, London
Private collection Audio courtesy of Acoustiguide

RON ARAD: I inherited some of these tempered steel coils. And, I was moving house at the time. And I remember sitting in my empty new house and I needed some shelves. And I sort of closed one eye and with my index finger marked like a big S shape on the wall—an imagined S shape. And I said, "I know what. I can use the tempered to steel to make the shelves. I can do the shelves in one long line. And I think the next day me and the people from the workshop, produced it, and came to install it in my home. It's still there. And, and it was very, very exciting to do shelves that are unlimited in length and shelves that are not parallel to each other. Shelves that are fixed to the wall almost by magic and a new typology that I've never seen before. A new piece of furniture that was born without any labor pain. Just like, "Why don't I do that?" And there it is.

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