Ron Arad: No Discipline

Ron Arad. Technology/Media Installations

Audio courtesy of Acoustiguide

RON ARAD: When I was approached by Swarovski to do a piece in crystals I thought what are they talking about? For me Swarovski was like crystal swans in vitrines in airport shops. And I didn't know what do they want from me? Then I realized that, the company is run by a new generation and they want to do really exciting things. And I did this chandelier for them, which is made of crystals. Every crystal has an LED embedded in it. And the chandelier has a telephone number and you can send the chandelier text messages from your phone and it appears like a ticker tape scrolling down the chandelier. And you can do it from right there when you're looking at it or you can do it from Australia.

PAOLA ANTONELLI: Ron hastily and just out the blue named the piece Lolita, from the book by Vladimir Nabokov. In the book, Lolita’s real name was Dolores, and coincidentally, Ron happened to be working on another piece at that time called Lo-Rez Dolores.

RON ARAD: I didn't know that the book begins with the sentence, "Lolita, the light of my life," I discovered later. It turned out to be a brilliant name.

PAOLA ANTONELLI: To send a text to Lolita, dial 917-774-6264 and once again 917- 774- 6264

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