Ron Arad: No Discipline

Ron Arad. Thumbprint. 2007

Polished stainless steel rod
Edition by Ron Arad Associates, London
Private collection, USA Audio courtesy of Acoustiguide

PAOLA ANTONELLI: This piece is called _Thumbprint_—it shares the same shape as Southern Hemisphere, which you’ll see elsewhere in the exhibition. And the two pieces come from the same idea but realized in different materials and therefore they take a completely different life of their own.

RON ARAD: You decide how it's going to be made—i.e. rod-by-rod. Like layers and layers. But that fingerprint shape that you get is nothing to do with me or my wish—it's much better than that. Every landscape has its own fingerprint. And it happens first on the computer and then in the factory. I mean, we could predict what is going to happen, but I couldn't control it.

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