Ron Arad: No Discipline

Ron Arad. Bodyguards. 2007

Polished and partially colored superplastic aluminum
Edition by The Gallery Mourmans, the Netherlands
Private collection, USA Audio courtesy of Acoustiguide

PAOLA ANTONELLI: The Bodyguards are a series of five, six pieces that come from the same initial form, which is a double bulb—really quite beautiful, made of super-plastic blown aluminum. And Ron calls this initial form a ‘blank.’ The blank is then intersected in various ways by different planes to create rocking chairs or vertical sculptures or other forms and other shapes that generate a completely different feeling and function.

RON ARAD: The Bodyguards were very very difficult to develop. The idea was to make a blank that's big enough to then cut and remove stuff from and to perforate, and to play with. And some of them are cut almost till there's nothing left.

PAOLA ANTONELLI: As often with Ron Arad’s pieces, the name refers to a particular moment in life. And in this case, the first show of the Bodyguards happened in a fashion showroom in Milan at Dolce and Gabbana’s and there were so many real bodyguards that a friend named these pieces Bodyguards and it just stuck.

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