Ron Arad: No Discipline

ron arad d-sofa

Ron Arad. D-sOFA. 1994

Patinated, painted, oxidized stainless steel and mild steel
38 3/16" x 7' 1 13/16" x 35 7/16" (97 x 218 x 90 cm)
Prototype by One Off, London Audio courtesy of Acoustiguide

PAOLA ANTONELLI: This piece is called D-Sofa, short for double sofa.

RON ARAD: There's a prototype here, which is, in a way, one of my favorite pieces in the show. It's like patchwork. It didn't intend to be patchwork. I just did the shape by whatever pieces I had lying on the floor of the studio. And some of them are stainless steel, some are mild steel. Some have like doodles that I used to draw with the angle grinder. And it aged beautifully and it got amazing patina. And it was like, leftovers of paint and stuff like that. I was in New York when I saw the owner of this buying it from the gallery. And I can say I was really jealous. If I could steal a piece from the show it would be this D-Sofa prototype from '94.

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