Ron Arad: No Discipline

Introduction to the Exhibition Ron Arad: No Discipline

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PAOLA ANTONELLI: Hello, I'm Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator in the Department of Architecture and Design at The Museum of Modern Art. I'm pleased to welcome you to Ron Arad: No Discipline.

The title of this exhibition captures the essence of Ron Arad and his work. He refuses to be tied down to any formal discipline, choosing instead to jump between art and architecture and design. Arad’s ideas are so powerful, and his sense of freedom so infectious, that he’s become a model and a hero for a whole generation of contemporary designers.

As you’ll see, this exhibition is organized in families or groupings of objects—by form, by material, by ideas and other times by the combination of the form and material.

On this audio program, you’ll hear more from me and from Ron Arad himself.

RON ARAD: I consider myself very privileged because, ever since I was a little child I play and I make things and at a certain time in my life I started making a living out of it. But it's the same sort of playfulness and the same curiosity to do something that wasn't done before or to do something that only I can make.

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