Lygia Clark: The Abandonment of Art, 1948–1988

Lygia Clark. _Composição no. 5: Série quebra da moldura (Composition no. 5: Breaking the frame series)_. 1954

Lygia Clark. Composição no. 5: Série quebra da moldura (Composition no. 5: Breaking the frame series). 1954

Graphite on paper
6 11/16 x 5 1/2" (17 x 14 cm)
Courtesy Associação Cultural “O Mundo de Lygia Clark”

Glenn Lowry: Curator Luis Perez-Oramas:

Luis Perez-Oramas: This painting looks like an abstract painting. However we can also think of this painting as something that looks like an architectural floor plan. What Clark has done here, is that she integrated the frame as part of the painting's body.

Glenn Lowry: By doing so, Clark was able to discover what she called the "organic line" – the space between the frame and the central part of the painting. This was an integral element of her thinking—that a painting is a three-dimensional object, not just a two-dimensional image.

Luis Perez-Oramas: This series is called The Breaking of the Frame. Even more importantly than including the frame in the body of the painting is producing a painting that would like to invade, if you want, the outside of the painting.

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