Lygia Clark: The Abandonment of Art, 1948–1988

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Lygia Clark. _Descoberta da linha orgânica (Discovery of the organic line)_. 1954

Lygia Clark. Descoberta da linha orgânica (Discovery of the organic line). 1954

Oil on canvas
23 7/16 x 31 1/2" (59.5 x 80 cm)
Private collection

Glenn Lowry: This painting, one of a series Clark made in 1954, is called Discovery of the Organic Line. Curator Connie Butler:

Connie Butler: : What's not obvious about this painting at first glance is that it's a painting within a painting, that the small canvas is nested within its frame. And the frame is part of the work. The organic line that she refers to in the title is actually the space around the painting, the space between the painting and its frame. So the organic refers, in fact, to this space in between.

Glenn Lowry: Clark said at a lecture in 1956:

Lygia Clark (read by voice actor): The artist might also investigate lines that function as doors, as connections among materials, as tissues, etc., in order to modulate an entire surface.

Glenn Lowry: Curator Luis Perez-Oramas:

Luis Perez-Oramas: So, the reason she calls the organic line "organic" is not because it looks like a curve or a biological-inspired line. No, it is because it gives you the possibility of looking at the interior of the body of the painting. It is because it is made as an incision within the body of the painting. So, it functions as an opening towards the organism of the painting.