A Trip from Here to There

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Installation of drawings, objects, and furniture  
 dimensions variable  
 Latin American and Caribbean Fund  
 © 2013 Mateo López

Mateo López. Travel without Movement. (2008-10)

Installation of drawings, objects, and furniture , dimensions variable. Latin American and Caribbean Fund. @2013 Mateo López

MATEO LÓPEZ: I was recording the video of the journey. What I was thinking is to try to take different objects from the video onto real life. For example, you will see a package of cigarettes that appears on the video; you will see it reproduced on the installation piece. I'm trying to mix the drawn objects with the common or the real objects, playing this idea of our relation with the found object, our relation with the drawn object, if there is any difference.

GLENN LOWRY: López considers this installation a form of expanded drawing.

MATEO LÓPEZ: Imagine drawing as a sense; drawing can become a smell, drawing can become also like a sound. It becomes something that relates with space, with time with memory and many other topics.