Yoko Ono: One Woman Show: 1960–1971

*White Chess Set*

Yoko Ono. White Chess Set. 1966

Yoko Ono and Anthony Cox playing chess on Ono’s White Chess Set (1966), with other works included in her exhibition at back, Indica Gallery, London, November 1966. Photo: E. Wilkins. Courtesy REX USA

Curator, Christophe Cherix: This is a replica of Yoko Ono’s White Chess Set from 1966. It’s on view as part of the exhibition Yoko Ono: One Woman Show, located on floor 6. By re-making the chess set in all white, the artist changed the nature of the game.

Yoko Ono: What happens is in the beginning it's all right, when you're winning; but when you're losing they start to say, "Oh, isn't that mine?" … "No, no. That's mine," you know, and trying to sort of con each other.

And you can play on it. It's a very interesting game because it starts to tickle you a little, you know? The result is fun and laughter. Not serious at all – and that's how life is, you know?

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