Yoko Ono: One Woman Show: 1960–1971

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*Museum of Modern (F)art*

Yoko Ono. Museum of Modern (F)art. 1971

Yoko Ono. Museum of Modern (F)art. 1971. Artist’s book, offset, 11 13/16 × 11 13/16 × 3/8″ (30 × 30 × 1 cm). The Museum of Modern Art Library, New York. © Yoko Ono 2015

Curator, Christophe Cherix: In 1971, Ono had her photo taken in front of The Museum of Modern Art. She used the image to advertise an unsanctioned exhibition here.

Yoko Ono: And between Modern N and Art A, I don't know why that happened, but there was a kind of space. And I was carrying a bag that said "F." So it's a very delicate game, you know? Without knowing where that F fits in and without knowing what the space is for, that space was to have the F in conceptually. Museum of Modern (F)art!

Christophe Cherix: People saw the ad, and came to MoMA. But Ono’s work was not to be found in the galleries.

Yoko Ono: So I had a cameraman standing there and asking questions: "How did you like the Yoko show?" And some people said, "Yeah, it was okay." Some people said, "I looked for it, but we couldn't find Yoko’s show.

It's the conceptual show that most people have forgotten about. Even I did. But it became true in reality.