Yoko Ono: One Woman Show: 1960–1971

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Plastic Ono Band

Yoko Ono. Plastic Ono Band. 1968

Still from the documentary film John Lennon & Yoko Ono, produced by Hans Preiner/ORF, showing John Lennon’s sculpture Plastic Ono Band (1968). Courtesy of Yoko Ono

Curator, Christophe Cherix: The Plastic Ono Band was conceived in 1968.

Yoko Ono: Well, what happened was, before John and I got together, there was a producer from Germany told me that I should come and do a show in Berlin.

But then I had this incredible idea: that I would have a band; but the band is the tape-recorder. And each tape-recorder will be in a transparent plastic stand. And I thought that would be great. And I told that to John when we were together. "Did you know that I was invited to Berlin to do this show? And this is what I thought I would do." And he was thinking, "Like this?" And he said, "So let's call it Plastic Ono Band," And he was part of it, you know? Isn't that great? He visualized it how I was visualizing. Like, we were so much together.