Andrea Zittel. Lavender Corduroy Personal Panel. 1995-98 5610

Multiple of corduroy fabric with elastic, overall: 45 x 28" (114.3 x 71.1 cm). Gift of the artist, through Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York. © 2022 Andrea Zittel

Director, Glenn Lowry: Andrea Zittel designs and constructs prototypes in an effort to gain further knowledge about human nature.

Artist, Andrea Zittel: The different prototypes that I make almost always come out of a need that I’m addressing in my own day-to-day life. In the early 90s, I was making a series of uniforms that I would wear for an entire season. I decided to set a series of parameters for myself. One of the first rules was that I would only make garments from rectangles. And so on the A-Z Personal Panel the front goes on like an apron and then the back is called an under-panel and that ties like a skirt. But it’s open in the front, so that you can take everything out and open them up and they’re perfect rectangles.

I think that the whole point of my work is to pay more attention to using things in a conscious way and observing your reactions to objects, why you embrace certain things and reject other things. There’s all these subconscious things that come into play. The need for status or authority or different kinds of freedom, comfort, restriction.

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