Each year, MoMA presents some 50 exhibitions, over 1,000 film screenings, and a varied suite of educational programming to engage and inspire our diverse and global audience. Support from individuals, foundations, and corporations help make these opportunities possible.

Education Support

The Museum of Modern Art is dedicated to fueling the conversation between the established and the experimental and inspiring the Museum’s expansive community. Through our Department of Education, MoMA connects with a global audience through a variety of programs that feature specialized offerings for kids and families, teens, older adults, community organizations, school groups, educators, and visitors with disabilities. These programs and more are made possible at little to no cost through the generosity of our donors.

MoMA’s recently launched Annual Education Fund is a critical resource that supports the Museum’s inventive spirit, provides the opportunity to explore new ways of connecting with visitors, and encourages accessibility for all through various resources and partnerships. Support for this initiative allows us to continue as a leading source of inspiration and creative engagement.

Contributions to all areas of Education in any amount are welcome and provide important, direct support to the costs of annual programming. For information about supporting MoMA’s educational programs, please contact (212) 408-8514 or supporteducation@moma.org.

For information about participating in any of our education programs, please contact the Department of Education at (212) 708-9795 or education@moma.org.

Exhibition Support

Special exhibitions that celebrate the creativity of venerated modern masters, as well as the newest pioneers in contemporary art, are the cornerstone of MoMA’s program, and are among the most respected, publicized, and popular in the world. Each year, The Museum of Modern Art and MoMA PS1 present over 50 diverse exhibitions of modern and contemporary art that address a wide range of subject matter, mediums, and time periods. Shedding light on modern icons and new voices alike, these exhibitions provide the ultimate opportunity for meaningful corporate partnerships, foundation grants, and individual involvement at various levels to share art with a diverse national and international audience. Our exhibitions educate, inspire, and offer groundbreaking new ways of experiencing the art of our time.

Launched in 2013, the Annual Exhibition Fund of The Museum of Modern Art provides a flexible base of support for exhibitions large and small, while promoting curatorial freedom and innovation. The Annual Exhibition Fund ensures that the more than three million visitors who pass through our doors each year continue to enjoy and understand modern and contemporary art.

For information about supporting the Museum’s exhibition programs, please contact (212) 408-8498 or supportexhibitions@moma.org.

MoMA PS1 Annual Exhibition Fund

Combining a fast-moving, provocative approach to exhibitions with the direct involvement of artists, MoMA PS1 presents an extensive program of exhibitions and events in its nearly 125,000-square-foot facility. Unlike other museums, where exhibitions are scheduled years in advance, MoMA PS1 maintains a flexible calendar. While this affords MoMA PS1 the freedom to present “of-the-moment” work, planning time is significantly shorter-often no more than three to six months. The MoMA PS1 Annual Exhibition Fund was created to help ensure the success of this vibrant program of exhibitions within the shortened timeline.

For more information about giving to MoMA PS1, please contact Angela Goding, Director of Development, at (718) 786-7375 or angela_goding@moma.org.

Film Exhibition Support

Film has played a vital role in The Museum of Modern Art’s identity since its establishment. Over 80 years ago, MoMA became an early champion of cinema’s past, present, and future as the first major cultural institution to create a curatorial department devoted to film collection and preservation. The Museum’s Oscar-winning Department of Film now oversees the strongest international film collection in the US, housing a treasure trove of nearly 30,000 motion pictures from all periods and genres. Today, we continue to recognize film as an equal player among the visual arts, with a wide variety of film programming and special exhibitions each year—ranging from the commercial to the experimental and demonstrating a commitment to exploring diverse themes and styles. There’s truly something for everyone.

The recently launched Annual Film Fund is a flexible base of support that provides much-needed and sustained resources for the department’s unparalleled annual and special film series.

For information about supporting MoMA’s film exhibitions, please contact (212) 408-8498 or supportfilm@moma.org.