“The New York Art Book Fair has been something that I look forward to every year. As an artist who lives in a rural town in Massachusetts, it has always been a way for me to create a new body of work and mingle with my artist peers. This year I made a new newsprint zine inspired by the grids and overlaying designs in quilts. Each segment of the page has a narrative, nonsensical story or form. My fondness for printing oversized newsprints zines comes from its didactic versatility. I love how newsprint can double both as a zine and a set of posters that could hang on a wall.

One of my fondest memories was creating the ticket for preview night of NYABF in 2017 with Shannon Michael Cane. Every year there is a new artist that creates the ticket as a fundraising edition for Printed Matter, it is given to the first 2,000 patrons on preview night of the Book Fair. I feel so lucky that I got to work with late Shannon Michael Cane. He was such a wonderful spirit that truly believed in self publishing and inspiring exhibitors to reach their fullest potential. It was a really amazing experience to see the yellow cactus figure I made floating around the crowd that weekend. Shannon gave me a chance to make something new, I think for many of us who have exhibited at the fair many times, it’s always gratifying when you feel acknowledged and seen by your friends and peers”