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The technique of screenprint is usually selected for its bold and assertive flat surfaces. While these were not effects Bourgeois usually sought in her printmaking, she was attracted to the technique through the suggestion of printers with whom she worked. David Procuniar, of Procuniar Workshop, is a specialist she came to know as an artist who regularly frequented the Sunday salons she held at her home. Bourgeois ultimately worked with Procuniar on several ambitious screenprint projects, in which her drawings were translated with a level of vibrancy that she liked very much.

Bourgeois also turned to screenprint for its ability to print easily on fabric, which was the support she favored in her last years. In addition to her work with Procuniar, she depended on the expertise of Raylene Marasco of Dyenamix, a firm specializing in textile printing. Marasco occasionally printed images for Bourgeois in both screenprint and digital techniques in order to show her varying possibilities; from time to time, she selected the more vivid effects of screenprint.

Untitled, no. 2 of 24, from the series, Lullaby. 2006. Screenprint on fabric
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