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In the 1940s, Louise Bourgeois made prints at the Art Students League, at Atelier 17 workshop, and at home, with her own small press. When she took up printmaking again, in the late 1980s, she was sought out by publishers and printers. However, rather than frequenting printshops, she preferred to work at home, scratching on plates and endlessly enhancing proofs with pens, pencils, and watercolors. Back-and-forth discussions with printers and publishers became a stimulating part of her studio practice.
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Publishers & Recipients of Benefit Works:

As Bourgeois became widely recognized and celebrated as an artist in the 1980s, she began to receive requests for works to benefit particular organizations. This continued for the rest of her life. Since she championed a variety of causes, she often accommodated these requests, creating prints and, occasionally, multiples. More

Atelier 17

The Atelier 17 workshop had a lasting influence on 20th-century printmaking, due in large part to the range of significant artists who took advantage of...More


When Bourgeois began to work increasingly with fabric for her printed and editioned works, it was inevitable that specialized expertise, outside that available...More

Lison Editions

Printmaking bracketed Louise Bourgeois's long career, with intense activity when she was starting out as an artist in the 1930s and 1940s...More


Benjamin Shiff, director of the Osiris imprint, played a major role in the re-emergence of printmaking in Louise Bourgeois’s practice in the late 1980s...More

Procuniar Workshop

As a young artist in 1992, David Procuniar began collaborating with his father Stephen Procuniar at the Procuniar Workshop, in Soho, New York...More

Wingate Studio

Among Bourgeois’s major printmaking collaborators was Wingate Studio, a New Hampshire workshop where some 1,600 sheets were printed...More

Carolina Nitsch Editions

A New York art dealer and publisher of editions, Carolina Nitsch began her involvement with Bourgeois’s prints in the 1990s as Director...More

Harlan & Weaver

A New York–based intaglio printshop and publisher, Harlan & Weaver was founded in 1984, bringing together the skills of Felix Harlan and Carol Weaver...More

Louise Bourgeois

Bourgeois’s activity as publisher and printer differed in her two primary periods of printmaking: 1939–1949 and 1989–2010...More

Peter Blum Edition

Peter Blum Edition was founded in New York in 1980, after Blum relocated from Switzerland; he eventually opened galleries in both Soho and Chelsea...More

SOLO Impression

Master lithographer Judith Solodkin founded SOLO Impression in New York in 1975 and met Bourgeois soon after. They were neighbors at the time in the Chelsea neighborhood...More