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Cat. No. 1015.2 in 981A

In the Distance, plate 10 of 18, from the illustrated book, One's Sleep (1)

Version 2 of 2, only state
Illustrated Book:
One's Sleep (1) (View All)
Etching, with hand additions
Handmade Dieu Donné paper
plate: 35 3/4 × 8 3/16" (90.8 × 20.8 cm); page (each): 38 1/2 × 28 5/8" (97.8 × 72.7 cm)
"Louise Bourgeois" lower center sheet, page 42, pencil.
Osiris, New York
Wingate Studio, Hinsdale, NH
12 (see Edition Information); plus an edition of 3
"1/10" lower center p. 42, pencil, artist's hand (artist's numbering refers to bound books as noted on the colophon).
Edition Information:
Documentation was available from the Louise Bourgeois Studio for 2 bound examples of “One’s Sleep”: numbers 1 and 3. No documentation is available for the other bound or unbound examples, as of 2016 cataloguing.

The colophons found in books 1 and 3 differ with regard to Edition and Publisher.
Book 1:
Edition: “Ten bound books / Two unbound folio sets”
Publisher: “Designed and published by Benjamin Shiff”

Book 3:
Edition: “Nine bound books / Three unbound folio sets”
(Publisher’s notes, not included on the colophon, numbers the books 1-9 and I-III)
Publisher: “Published by Osiris”

The pagination in books 1 and 3 differ in that book 1 includes an additional blank spread before pp. 9-10 (with plates 1 and 2). Otherwise, the plates used and the order in which they appear is consistent in each. (See individual books)

Hand additions to the plates in books 1 and 3 vary considerably.

There is also an edition of 3 individual impressions without hand additions.
State Changes and Additions:
Changes from version 1: mirrored composition transferred to a new plate, with much taller structure, in etching.
Pages 25 and 26 of 43.
Printer of Text:
Wild Carrot Letterpress, Hadley, MA
This composition was initially developed around 1989 in conjunction with Benjamin Shiff, director of Osiris, as a preliminary trial for the book project "the puritan" (see below in Related Works in the Catalogue) although it did not ultimately appear in that book. Bourgeois and Shiff returned to the composition in 2003, creating a second version to include in this book, and to issue in a separate edition of 3.
Artist’s Remarks:
"There is a hinging of the landscape here that makes it both vertical and horizontal. There can be a change of mood... when it is up, it is very alert... when it is down it can be restful.

"But I would call it today the eternal road that goes nowhere... it is very empty... it is melancholy. It is like the long road from Paris to the south. We were on that road all the time to go south for my mother's health. It reminds me of Camus, who died on that road... he was young.

"The house is a museum, lycée, jail, or hospital. It is an institution, because that is the style in France... an architecture of a certain kind. This is the public life versus the private life. In other things you are a private person, here you become a citizen... you have to wait your turn... there are many people in front of you." (Quotes cited in Wye, Deborah and Carol Smith. "The Prints of Louise Bourgeois." New York: The Museum of Modern Art, 1994, p. 154.)
Curatorial Remarks:
The plate dimensions could not be documented because this impression is not in MoMA's Collection and could not be examined in person. The plate dimensions are from the published impression in MoMA’s Collection. The sheet dimensions were provided by the Louise Bourgeois Studio.

In the Distance
c. 1989-2003


Louise Bourgeois. Untitled. 1946
Pencil on notebook paper

First Version

Louise Bourgeois. Hinged Landscape at a Distance. c. 1989
Version 1 of 2, state I of II
c. 1989
Louise Bourgeois. Hinged Landscape at a Distance. 1999
Version 1 of 2, state II of II

Second Version

Published Louise Bourgeois. In the Distance. 1989-2003
Version 2 of 2, only state
Published NOT IN MoMA'S COLLECTION Louise Bourgeois. In the Distance, plate 10 of 18, from the illustrated book, One's Sleep (1). 2003
NOT IN MoMA'S COLLECTION Version 2 of 2, only state
Published NOT IN MoMA'S COLLECTION Louise Bourgeois. In the Distance, plate 10 of 18, from the illustrated book, One's Sleep (3). 2003
NOT IN MoMA'S COLLECTION Version 2 of 2, only state

Illustrated Book

NOT IN MoMA'S COLLECTION Louise Bourgeois. One's Sleep. 2003
More About This Work

Louise Bourgeois,

One's Sleep,


Bourgeois's entire printed text for this volume appears on the pages cited below. The text is consistent throughout the documented books, although the page numbers vary slightly.

One's Sleep [artist’s hand]

Text 1:

Text 2:
one's sleep

Text 3 (with plate 1):
The blue fear.

Text 4 (with plate 2):
The pink fear.

Text 5:
I need sleep.

Text 6 (with plate 3):
The comfort object, always present,

Text 7 (with plate 4):
the color blue,
the child.
the circling of children.

Text 8 (with plate 5):
I need sleep.

Text 9 (with plate 6):
To listen to the breathing, to my stomach,
to my intestines. I want to listen to them,
to expose them, to think about them,
to welcome them, to wait for them,
to take care of them, like a good rested mother.

Text 10 (with plate 7 and 8):
Sleep to reach peace, the restoration of silence and of peace.
The defenses are worthless, they do not exist. Kindliness,
healthy breathing, forgetting and forgiving, to let go.

Text 11:
Leniency and charity are necessary for the arrival of sleep.
I want to give, to exude, to give to give, to exude.

Text 12 (with plate 9):
My sleep is disturbed. The house of fear. Apprehension.
I fear the future, but I am also afraid of the past.
Yes even the past, but also the present.
I am afraid of others, but mostly of myself.

Text 13 (with plate 10):
The fear to waste one's time,
the fear to waste one's luck,
the fear of the past;

The fear of the present,
the fear to love,
the fear of the future;

Text 14 (with plate 11):
The ransom, the cost, the effect of fear on others.
The fear that does not know itself.
Unaware and aware.

Text 15 (with plate 12 and 13):
The underground life of fear, what it becomes.

Text 16 (with plate 14):
The fear and the sugar, the adrenaline.
To have the energy and persistence to replace fear by trust.

Text 17 (with plate 15):
I'm going to wait until my breathing goes down and gets regularized, to yawn,

Text 18 (with plate 16):
to do one's nails, to comb the hair, to mend, to draw, to write one's journal.

Text 19 (with plate 17):
One's sleep.

Text 20:
To lose one's way,
to lose one's friend,
to lose one's breath.

Text 21:
To love.

Text 22 (with plate 18):
Leave the house of fear, the window is open.